Congressional Reaction on US-Ukraine Security Agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a ten-year security agreement. The White House said the agreement is to help build up Ukraine’s defenses and deter future aggression. The agreement, however, is not guaranteed for future White House administrations. We also spoke with Republicans about the agreement. 

For more than two years, Ukraine has fought back against Russia’s advances. In a recent G7 meeting in Italy, the US and Ukraine signed a ten-year security agreement.  

“Our goal is to help Ukraine’s defense and deterrence capabilities for the long term,” said Biden.  

The agreement does not commit American troops to fight in Ukraine but the US would help build up their defense industrial base. The White House said it will also expand intelligence sharing and help train their military in line with NATO standards.  

“This is an agreement on steps to guarantee sustainable peace and therefore it benefits everyone in the world,” said Zelenskyy.  

But the future of this agreement depends on who wins the White House this November. Zelenskyy was asked what his contingency plan would be if a new White House administration decides to end the agreement. He suggested in part as long as Americans support Ukraine, so will the American president. We asked Pennsylvania Representative Dan Meuser his thoughts on this security agreement.  

“I think that war, that conflict needs to end,” said Rep. Meuser. “I think we need a strong president like Trump to end it. I don’t know what we’re doing creating ten-year deals. This administration has done an awful job and frankly in my view they’ve caused the war because of their weakness and their approach of appeasement. They gave them just enough not to lose and the amount of cash they gave them they’re almost coaxing them into fraud and embezzlement of American taxpayer dollars. So I think they’re doing everything wrong it needs to be corrected.” 

Leaders of the G7 also announced they will give Ukraine a 50-billion dollar loan from frozen Russian assets to help their fight against Russian forces.