ICJ Orders Israel to Allow Humanitarian Aid to Gaza, Israel to Resume Talks with Washington on Military Operations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House said talks with an Israeli delegation to discuss military operations in Gaza have restarted. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a delegation to Washington after the US abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

While no date has been finalized yet for the Israeli delegation to visit the white house, the purpose of the visit is to discuss military options in Gaza, specifically in the southern city of Rafa. There’s been a lot of concern surrounding a military operation in Rafa where many displaced Palestinians are staying. 

“We have always made clear that we support Israel’s right to hold Hamas accountable and it’s right to take the fight to Hamas operatives inside Gaza including in Rafa,” said State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller. “Whatever kind of military operation Israel conducts whether it be in Rafa, whether it be in Khan Yunis or whether it be anywhere else, needs to take into account the civilian population and minimize the civilian harm.” 

On Thursday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), ordered Israel to take every action possible to make sure food supplies and assistance arrives in Gaza. In the ruling, the Court said they’ve noted the unprecedented levels of food insecurity in the Gaza Strip over recent weeks as well as increasing risks of epidemics. The Court also adds they are deeply troubled that many of the hostages held by Hamas that remain in captivity and reiterates its call for their immediate release. 

The State Department declined to comment on the ICJ order to Israel. Miller said their office is still reviewing the order.