Johnson, Schumer Unveil Latest Short-Term Budget Resolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Time is running out for congress to finalize some budget bills. The deadline for some of these bills is this Friday but the House and Senate still haven’t voted on these bills which have some worried it could trigger a partial government shutdown. 

On Sunday, congressional leaders unveiled a stopgap bill that would keep the lights on, for now. The new short-term measure being pitched would continue current spending levels for federal agencies through March 1st and March 8th.  

“We achieved a strong top line agreement that allows our Appropriations Committee and, and all those who work on this to complete the appropriations process. It is an important part of keeping the government running,” said Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R- LA) at a press conference earlier this month.  

But the clock is ticking. Members have until Friday to finalize the first set of budget bills or else there could be a partial shutdown. The Speaker of the House is dealing with a rough road ahead. On Sunday, the conservative House Freedom Caucus posted on social media, saying in part: “This is what surrender looks like” referring to the proposed continued short-term resolution. Members in that caucus have been outspoken about these budget bills and wanting to trim down spending.  

With a much narrower majority in the House, Speaker Johnson needs all the support he can get to move these bills along.  

“We are getting our next steps together and we are working toward a robust appropriations process,” said Speaker Johnson at a press conference earlier this month.