Poll Shows Biden Getting Low Marks on Gaza, Young Voters Showing Less Support for Biden

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Biden is drawing low poll numbers for how he’s handling the war between Israel and Hamas. This is according to a recent New York Times/ Siena poll of registered voters across the US.  

The poll also shows that younger voters are more critical of the president and of his actions during this conflict but the voters are split on what policy makers should do as the war continues. 44 percent of the voters believe Israel should stop its military campaign to protect against civilian casualties even if Hamas has not been fully eliminated. Compared to 38 percent who said Israel should continue its military campaign until Hamas is fully eliminated, even if it means the civilian casualties in Gaza might continue. When it comes to the conflict, the polls show strong support from young voters on wanting Israel to stop their military operations in Gaza; Compared to older voters who believe Israel should continue their military campaign.  

Political scientists said the president has been losing support from young voters. Those voters helped give Biden a boost in the 2020 election. According to this poll, voters younger than 30 years-old are favoring former president Donald Trump over Biden by six percent.  

Voters were also asked in the poll if there was an election today who they would vote for? 46 percent said Trump; 44 percent said Biden.