Supreme Court Expected to Determine Trump Immunity, Abortion Related Cases Soon

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Supreme Court ruled that the Biden Administration can continue their contact with social media companies in regards to combatting misinformation. In the past couple of weeks, SCOTUS has ruled on a variety of consequential issues. Now we are in the final stretch of the Court’s term and still waiting on other important cases on topics like abortion and former President Donald Trump’s immunity from prosecution. 

It’s been an explosive term for the Court. They’ve weighed in on consequential cases. So far, they’ve ruled to keep an abortion pill to stay widely available and allowed former President Trump to stay on the ballot for the upcoming election. For that case, all nine Justices ruled that states cannot bar Trump from running for another term. That decision would’ve been a shock to the political landscape for these upcoming elections. 

“This is a court that is really giving us a new set of laws and a new set of expectations for government officials,” said Dr. Todd Belt, Professor and Director of Political Management at George Washington University. “And also for people who are in government and out of government a new set of ideas of what they can challenge and not challenge.” 

But with days left in the term, the Court still has many cases to rule on, including issues on the opioid crisis, social media, homelessness and decide whether prosecutors can use a federal obstruction statue to charge rioters involved in the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol. But people are anxiously waiting for the Court’s decision on whether former President Trump is immune from prosecution on charges he tried to overturn the 2020 election.  

“I think it’s pretty obvious the Court is waiting until after the debate to release their decision on presidential immunity because the Court does not like to have the appearance of engaging in the political process or influence it in any way,” said Dr. Belt. 

The Court’s decision on that case will determine if Trump will face trial for that 2020 election interference case. Trump argues he’s immune from prosecution. The Court’s calendar shows they could release opinions before the weekend. As for the debate that was referenced, we will have extensive coverage on that Thursday night.