U.S. Strikes Iranian-Backed Houthi Targets in Yemen Following Attacks on Commercial Vessels

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Last night, President Joe Biden ordered air strikes on an Iranian-backed proxy in Yemen. U.S. and coalition forces struck 60 Houthi targets- in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen- in response to their attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. 

In a statement, President Biden said he ordered the strikes “in direct response to unprecedented Houthi attacks against international maritime vessels in the Red Sea.” Biden’s move is supported by some Republicans on Capitol Hill, like Rep. Jack Bergman (R- MI). 

“They took a step too far. They’ve been attacking not only U.S. interests, but other commercial shipping from other countries. It’s time to let them know that we don’t tolerate that kind of behavior,” said Bergman, a former Lt. General in the United States Marine Corps. 

Bergman says the strikes were necessary to secure and defend critical shipping routes. 

“It’s part of our responsibility, working with other countries who are our allies to keep those shipping lanes and others open for the flow of goods and services,” said Bergman. 

According to a U.S. Air Force Commander, over 100 precision-guided munitions were used in the strikes that hit munitions depots, air defense radar systems and other targets. 

Thursday’s strikes on the Iran-backed Shia political and military organization come after weeks of attempted missile and drone attacks on commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea.

“You got some Iranian backed folks there who really don’t have anything other than bad priorities in mind. And it’s evil, pure and simple,” said Bergman. 

The U.S. has carried out strikes against Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria since the war in Gaza began, however, this marks the first known strike against the Houthis in Yemen. 

“We need to keep shipping lanes open, and we need to keep them safe,” said Bergman, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee and serves as Chairman of the Intelligence and Special Operations Subcommittee. 

“I’ll just say that there’s a lot of people here in D.C. who watch every place on the earth, every day, focusing sometimes on more hotspots than others,” said Bergman. 

The Houthis claim their bombardments are showing solidarity with the Palestinian people, after Israel’s military campaign on Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attacks.