What’s at Stake in Congress with New York’s Special Congressional Election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A couple of months ago the House voted to expel New York Republican Representative George Santos after an ethics report accused him of breaking the law. New York voters will decide who should replace him. It’s a seat that is being closely watched and could have a huge impact in congress.

The race between former Democratic Congressman Tom Suozzi and Mazi Pilip has drawn in millions of dollars and a lot of national attention. Political experts are watching this race closely for a few reasons: One of the major ones is how the race could show some early signs as to how swing district voters are feeling in this election year. Back in the 2020 election between Biden and Trump. Biden won this district by eight points. Two years later, Santos, a Republican, won in that same district by seven points. Many are using this race as a barometer for how the parties are running on both local and national issues like crime, the economy, immigration. 

This one seat in the House could have a huge impact for Washington. Another reason folks are watching this closely is the fact that the outcome could have a huge impact on a narrow Republican majority. Santos’ expulsion is one of three GOP House vacancies. Republicans have 219 seats, and Democrats have 212 with one vacancy. If Democrats pick it up, it’s one less seat for Republicans. We’ve seen the impact of a very narrowly split House in recent months, from things like the Speaker race, to the failed vote the other week to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

Depending on who wins this seat, it could also have an impact on the national security supplemental bill. That legislation would allow funding for Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific without border provisions. The Senate just passed that legislation 70-29. That bill faces an uncertain future in the House. House Democrats could force a vote on that legislation. There is a lot at stake with this seat and its impact in Washington.